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The Environmental Protection Agency requires that water purveyors protect the quality of the water in their system. One of the major water quality efforts by water departments is backflow prevention and cross-connection control. This means preventing direct connections between private water lines and the municipal system that may cause harmful contaminants or pollutants to flow back into the water supply. The installation and testing of backflow prevention devices helps to ensure that our drinking water remains safe. ESL can help both municipalities and water customers stay in compliance with federal, state, and local backflow requirements.


Engineered Solutions can help develop and manage a municipal backflow program. Many elements need to be taken into consideration when creating a cross-connection control program including but not limited to: creating installation standards, delegating responsibilities, surveying existing sites, creating a database, and taking into consideration program funding. ESL’s extensive exposure to backflow divisions and cross-connection requirements makes us a great choice for helping water departments finally get into EPA compliance. Plus, our innovative funding ideas could help decrease the overall financial impact of starting a new backflow program.


ESL also has technicians trained at the University of Florida’s TREEO Center to perform tests on fire, domestic, and irrigation backflow prevention devices. TREEO is the premier backflow tester certification program in the Southeast and allows us to do testing in more jurisdictions than a local certification would. Backflow testing can easily be bundled in with private hydrant testing and maintenance. Our technicians and testers exhibit the highest level of professionalism and proficiency. ESL also has the resources and engineering professionals to address many of the complications that may arise from annual private system testing.





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