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Hydraulic Modeling


When modeling an existing water system or a new development, ESL models are quick, efficient and accurate. While keeping needed fire flow and water quality issues in check, balancing  existing water supplies with new demands.

Utilizing system information and hydrant flow tests ESL can create a full or reduced area hydraulic model to demonstrate potential pressures and flow in a system.  For existing municipal systems these models identify critical valves and pipes which may need to be upgraded, potential new connections to improve flows, and areas of potential water loss.


In municipal system expansions, or new developments, hydraulic modeling is fundamental to proper water line sizing and routing.  Install lines that are too small and additional devices such as pumps and tanks may be required to meet demands.  Lines which are too large are a wasted expense and can lead to water quality issues.






hydraulic modeling

Other areas of interest in Hydraulic Modeling:


Case Studies

  • CONRAC, Atlanta Airport
  • College Park/ Clayton County interconnect
  • Retail Development, Canton GA
  • Camden Lake, Tuscaloosa AL
  • Barrow Crossing, Winder GA






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