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Water Treatment, Pumping, Storage


Let ESL help you analyze your current water system infrastructure to meet both current and projected future demands.   Does your existing system have sufficient capacity for current use?  What changes will be required to keep up with projected demands?  Will your current water source continue to meet the growing demands?  Do you have adequate flows and pressures to attract new development to your area?


Service Areas:

  • Water supply duration requirements / Reliable
  • source determination
  • Pump design and construction management
  • Water Storage tank sizing and design
  • Interconnections to other municipal water sources
  • Prioritizing replacement of aging infrastructure
  • Regulatory and Legislative Initiatives
  • Regulatory Compliance


ESL can help you navigate the issues of water supply shortages, water infrastructure replacement costs and water system security concerns.


Analysis of current and future demands along with hydraulic modeling can identify whether infrastructure changes may be beneficial.   Hydraulic simulation provides a methodology for integrating the different components and considerations in municipal systems.


Other areas of interest in Infrastructure:


Case Studies

  • CONRAC, Atlanta Airport
  • College Park / Clayton County Interconnect
  • Barrow Crossing, Winder, GA
  • Retail Development, Canton, GA




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